5 DIY Chicken Coop Ideas for Your Backyard 

Perhaps you’re new in owning chickens and finding for the best and easy-to-make coop ideas. Good news is you’ve clicked the right article that discusses a selection of 5 DIY Chicken Coops Ideas for Your Backyard.

Some chicken holders prefer building a woodworking cage. In that case, owners don’t have to buy a commercial-made enclosure to keep the chicken away from getting lost. It only requires a detailed plan to start building one.  In fact, we’ll gonna show you some plans of DIY chicken coops in a bit.


Before making a move, keep in mind that we’ll gonna form a house for a living creature that won’t compromise its health and comfort. Knowing these details will help you build a right home for your chickens.

1. Location

The best place to locate a coop is under a tree. The shade of the tree helps to naturally cover the pets from sunlight and wind attacks. Make sure it is accessible and away from the neighbor. During rainy seasons, it’ll surely produce a foul smell and so finding its right place is the primary concern.

2. Size of the coop

One chicken is equivalent to 3-4sq.ft. of space. A space that’s too small will stress out the chicken which can cause death. Wider coop is, therefore, necessary to assure the chicken’s good condition.

3. Must-have materials

Aside from the coop itself, other things such as feeder, water container, and a nesting box are needed to complete the caring system. Great ventilation must be taken into consideration to keep the chicken alive. These materials can be made using improvise pieces of stuff to lessen the cost.

Other special materials will be tackled on the samples below.

5 Chicken Coops That Anyone Can Do

1.  Pallet Palace Chicken Coop

Owning over 32 chicken demands more space to build a coop. Amazingly, this idea will cost you nothing as long as you’ll find a pallet. The more pallets you have, it’ll affect the interior design to have more nesting boxes and elevated surfaces.

Protect the chickens from predators by adding metal wire at the bottom of the exterior coop. Do not forget about the proper ventilation by placing windows at appropriate sides. The dimension required is 16×8 with over 22 pallets.

2. Urban Chicken Coop

For the beginners, it’s okay to start in a small area. A 6×3’ dimension can contain five chickens already. The base is made of half-inch plywood that can go through all-wet weather. Two doors were formed, one human door and a chicken door. Opening both doors during the day is recommended. Close the doors at night to keep the chickens secure.

A metal hardware cloth is buried about 1/2” below the ground to fight against rats and other predators. The roof is covered with roofing cloth to stop a drop of water. Hog wire is used to enclose the coop. Only one nest box is built.

3. BarnGeek Chicken Coop Plan

They say BarnGeek is selling this coop of about $2000 while in fact, it came from leftover lumbers and therefore built without cost. This 6×4’ coop can contain up to 12 chickens. The cage isn’t fully enclosed but only surrounded by nesting boxes and food box. The coop is entirely made of plywood or lumber, whichever you prefer.

Windows are built with hardware cloth and the door is locked with hinges and a latch. Feeding chickens will be easier as well as gathering eggs. Its easy access feature is what mostly admired most.

4. Wire Spools Chicken Coop

This one is a different looking chicken coop listed. You’ll spend a minimal cost to finish building it. It only requires three materials, including spools, scrap wood, and 5’ or more roll of wire. It is structured vertically and best for two bantam chicken breeds.

You can build this coop on your own perspective. Make it a little wider if you want to. The cage is surrounded with wires and so letting the chickens go outside during the day is requested. It might not be your desired look of a coop but it doesn’t take much space and mostly free to build.

5. Kevin’s Chicken Tractor

If you have a wide backyard, a moveable chicken coop is suggested. Chicken produces natural fertilizer and it might be good to take the coop from one place to another. Another good reason is chicken’s poop become smelly if it stays long in one place. And so, instead of building a permanent enclosure, why not try this portable coop?

The 8×4’ dimension coop is capable of accommodating up to 4 chickens. It is composed of two pens, the half is fully covered and the other half is welded wire. It is only covered with a tarp to shade the chicken from any climate. The wire is secured with PVC arch attach on the wooden frame.

You can look for more chicken coops on this link with complete details. The way it should be done is indicated in three levels – easy, intermediate, and hard. So, check it all out!


Anyone can surely provide a home for chickens without spending too much. One practical tip is to build your own version of chicken coop wherein all the materials needed are easy to get to. It is much better if there are vacant lumbers all around you. Doing it for free is therefore within reach.

Only three factors are to be considered in constructing a chicken coop – the location, coop’s size, and additional materials. Having planned these things will allow you to start building one. Though a do-it-yourself type of coop is to be done, it is still certain to ask help from the elders in doing the enclosure. This to make sure a stable chicken coop that ensures the pet’s safety.

Do you have ideas other than the aforementioned coops?

Feel free to share it in the comment section for the sake of other readers to look up for. Thanks for your time!

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