6 Creative DIY Chicken Waterer Ideas

A chicken coop is probably one of the most crucial things to take care of when growing your chickens. And water wastage is one of the most serious issues that any chicken raisers face.

Now, you can go to your local stores and purchase chicken waters that are quite expensive, or be a good handyman and build one yourself. You do not need to use a lot of money on chicken waters.

With just an hour of your time and elbow grease, you can create your own chicken waterer from various material lying around your home or spend a few bucks to some essentials that add a touch of style and functionality to your chicken coop.

Thinking about building chicken waterers? Here are 6 creative ideas that will definitely save you a few dollars.

1. $1 Bucket Chicken Waterer

What you will love about this DIY project is its cheapness. Costing only a dollar, the entire setup is also very easy and quick to follow even for most beginners.

For this project, Bless This Mess Please said that you will only need a 5-gallon bucket with the lid. If you don’t have one, you can purchase on your local store or maybe ask your neighbors. Also, you will need a large foil roasting pan and your good ‘ol dill.

All you need to do is drill a hole on the bottom edge of the bucket and on the lid. Place the bucket in the roasting pan then fill the bucket with water and replace the lid. Just make sure that the lid is airtight, and you will have a cheap waterer!


2. PVC Chicken Waterer

Given the amount of water it can hold and its size, this DIY chicken waterer project is suitable for chicks. A PVC waterer works with gravity and is quite easy to build and set up. Plus, it is also inexpensive. As a matter of fact, this unit only cot at least $20 to build, according to Instructables.

The supplies you will need are silicone sealant and breakup, PVC solvent, female adapted and threaded cap measuring 4 inches, a cap end, and a 4 inches PVC sewer pipe. The directions to assemble it is provided in a PDF waterer plan from Instructables.


3. Hanging Bottle Nipple Waterer

Chicken nipples work the same way as any other types of waterers. When there is pressure, the water flows through the nipple. And when pressure is removed, the rod inside the unit stops the water from dripping.

This design is creative and simple. In addition, a nipple waterer is cheap and available locally. Using nipple waterers help promote the growth of healthy chickens, reduces chances of drowning and also water wastage.

This particular hanging bottle chicken waterer is super easy to build. Using a baling wire, it can be hung at a height that all chicken can reach with ease. This tutorial from Lone Star Farmstead shows how to create this project and even teaches you how to train your chicks to use the waterer.


4. Barrel Chicken Waterer

The last thing you need to worry is whether your chicks are having enough water. Now, with this DIY barrel chicken waterer, you do not have to worry anymore. This waterer is made from any strong container that will not collapse under vacuum pressure, particularly a home-brew pressure barrel.

The materials you need won’t cost you over $5 and the DIY waterer can be built in just a few hours without expert skills, according to An Outdoor Life. It is designed where the water in the container will be let out to an attached smaller container via a regulated hole. This way, only the needed amount of water is released for the chickens.


5. Chicken Cup Waterer

A good thing about chicken is that they don’t need to fully submerge their heads in order to drink like ducks. Thus, this is another great way to provide your chickens with clean water is needed. Other than chicken nipples, watering cups are also preferred. These projects prove to be easy to clean and some chicken prefers drinking from it.

This tutorial by Home in Disarray shows you the process of building a good chicken cup waterer. It is definitely cheap. However, you need to note that during the winter season, you’ll need a heating system in order to prevent the water from freezing.


6. Chicken Fountain Waterer

This chicken fountain waterer is automatic and is directly connected to a garden hose, giving your chicken a constant flow of fresh and clean water.

Community Chicken shows how to create this innovative chicken waterer. This system is quite fast and since it is closed, you can be sure that the water provided is always clean. The DIY project should cost around $12 and the blog even contains images to guide you through the DIY waterer project.

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