Best Egg Laying Chickens

Most of us our main reason for raising chickens is to get fresh eggs. One thing that the beginners shouldn’t know that there is a huge impact in choosing the breed of chicken and expects to have a great number of eggs daily. Some breeds, like Japanese Bantams, are not laying eggs, however, hybrid hens can lay eggs more than 280 pieces per year.

In choosing the best breed of chicken is hard if you are longing to have a fresh supply of eggs all day. This article might help you to choose what is the possible best egg laying chickens.

Top 10 Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds

1. Hybrid Chicken

The golden comet is the most popular hybrid breed of chicken. The hybrids can lay a big amount of eggs and consumes an only a small amount of food. This is the most cheaper among all kinds of a breed.

Eggs: This hybrid hen can lay eggs around 280 pieces each year and these eggs are color brown and medium-sized eggs.

Color: It is normally golden brown that has soft feathers.

Character: This chicken is very resilient and tough chicken and broody. If you are longing for a long span of laying an egg this kind of hybrid you are looking for. It is very easy to look and easy to rise.


2. Leghorn

Leghorns are from Italy way back 1800s and make perfect to rise in your backyards.

Eggs: This kind of chicken can lay eggs around 250 pieces per year.

Color: These breeds are the most unique with a pure white body and red comb.

Character: Leghorns are commonly known for being hard to tame and shy.


3. Rhode Island Red

This kind of breed is called a dual purpose chicken and from America. It only means that it can be eaten and can lay eggs. They are the most common chicken that found commonly on backyards.

Eggs: This young Rhode Island Red can lay eggs around 250 pieces yearly and it is medium sized and the color brown.

Color:  It contradicts on their name because their color is actually black and brown feathers that give them dark appearance.

Character: They are tough and very friendly kind of chicken.


4. Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock or the barred rock is a hen that can lay eggs once after two days.

Eggs: Plymouth Rock or the barred rock can lay eggs about 200 pieces a year. The sizes of the eggs are ranging from small to medium and the color is light brown.

Color: They are color white with stripes around them with a mixture of grey.

Character: They are friendly and can be easily tamed. They are also big birds that can be suited free lifestyle.


5. Sussex

Sussex is also dual-purpose chicken like Rhode Island Red that can lay eggs and eat.

Eggs: This kind of chicken can easily lay eggs about 250 pieces each year and the color is creamy white to brown.

Color:  They have 8 different colors, and the common is pure white with a black neck and tail.

Character: Sussex is known for being calm and happy to rise because you can freely put into your gardens without destroying your plants. This breed can surely make you happy and brings joy to you.


6. Barnevelder

Barnevelder has a glossy feather and seems like Asian jungle fowl and Dutch Landrace.

Eggs: they are capable to lay eggs for a year with 200 eggs and these are ranging to small up to medium sized and the color is light speckled brown.

Color: Their color is black with the brown tipped feather.

Character: This is suited in a garden like a great garden bird and nothing to worry about.


7. Ancona


This kind of breed was originated in Italy and also known in the US and United Kingdom.

Eggs: Ancona can lay eggs around 200 pieces a year with small white eggs.

Color: It is quite similar to Plymouth Rock; in feather look but different in size.

Character: It is clipping and skittish and not suitable as a pet.


8. Buff Orpington

This is the most favorite kind of chicken breed. And it was from Kent, England and they are suitable for our backyards.

Eggs: Opringtons can lay only 180 eggs per year because during summer they get broody not just like the other chicken mentioned.

Color: The Opringtons has a thick feather and a golden yellow color.

Character: It is easy to rise and you can feed them with your hands and they can socialize with us. They are perfect for garden pets and they are the tamest breeds.


9. Hamburg

Hamburg is from Germany which serves as the most attractive chicken around.

Eggs: They can lay 200 eggs a year having a glossy white shell that are ranging from small to medium sizes.

Color: Humburgs has another variation of color which is golden tipped and black feathers. Their feathers are coated with black and white and Dalmatian.

Character: They need a lot of space to walk around. They are aggressive in small spaces.


10. Marans

Marans are also dual purpose hen that can lay eggs and can be eaten and renowned their dark brown eggs and excellent meat quality.

Eggs: The morans can lay eggs around 200 pieces per year. The eggs are color dark brown and medium-sized.

Color: They are color dark grey and white flutters.

Character: The Morans are the same as the Humburgs they are required to have a big space to move around and they are very gentle.


It always takes time to fully mature in raising chicken that can lay more eggs regularly. However, you can start slowly and as the days go by you will be surprised about the outcome of your labor. Always put on your mind that: Patience is a virtue.

I hope that this article would help you to know about the different kinds of laying chickens and giving you some information’s that will help you grow in this raising up laying chickens.

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