How to Raise Mealworms for Your Chickens

Who would’ve thought ruining pests can be a survival meal for a living creature? We bring up mealworms’ facts. Let’s talk about how to raise mealworms for your chickens!

Mealworms are kind of pests. It is a great source of protein that anyone raising feathered fowls depends on. This serves as a treat for the chickens without spending too much cash. Chicken owners have the capacity to nurture mealworms even in a bantam space for the sake of poultry’s food.

We’ll gonna show you beginner’s ways on how to raise mealworms. Let’s get it started!

4 Methods to Start Raising Mealworms

1. Build the Housing

Mealworm’s housing is as inexpensive as you’ll need not more than five resources. It is easy to construct one as well.

Buy a three-layered plastic drawer then cut the first two drawer’s bottoms. Cover the bottoms with wire mesh to serves as a separator of mealworms and eggs when the time comes. Use duct tape to keep the light out. Fill it with oatmeal where the mealworms burrowed.

Start placing mealworms at the bottom and move them up as they turn into beetles.

Place the housing in a warm place but not directly hit by the sun. This will help the worms to develop faster and reproduce more. During the winter, it is better to position the living quarter inside the house. This simple action saves them from freezing.


2. Prepare Mealworm’s Food

After providing them a home, you’ll need to identify what their tummy demands.

Mealworms aren’t high maintenance when it comes to their diet. A simply sliced potato or carrot is all they needed. If you have more budgets, apple also works. Lay it down on the drawer and the worms will crawl over it. They’ll absorb its water content. And once the potato or carrot dried out, add it to some fresh food. It can also serve as a meal for your chickens.

As oatmeal is used for bedding, you can add up a small amount of fruit/vegetable to serve as their food. Regularly check whether additional foods are needed or some molds are forming. Healthy foods for the mealworms will transfer to the chickens fed through it.


3. Buy mealworms

Having it all prepared, where are the mealworms?

You cannot find it on your backyard however the market is opening doors for the sellers of mealworms. It can actually be ordered online.

Here are links that offer mealworms:

Make sure to purchase quantities of mealworms that you can afford. It’s okay to start purchasing small numbers of mealworms. Here’s the warning, do not buy bigger worms as it’s not probably healthy for the chickens due to added feeding sources. Choose to buy the truer size of mealworms.

When delivered, immediately put them on the housing and let them multiply.


4. Nurturing mealworms with proper maintenance

Mealworms only demand very little maintenance. Cleaning its shelter could be one.

Every three-month period, check out the bedding and be sure that no pupae will be thrown. Collect mealworm’s waste commonly known as frass for it can be a good source of fertilizer on your garden. That’s very environmentalist.

Keep monitoring the worm’s laying schedule for every 2-3 weeks. This will keep its number continually growing.



Take note, the larvae are served for the chickens and not the pupae and beetles. It is because the pupae and beetles are in a process of reproductive to avoid lacking treats for the chickens.

There’s no specific amount of mealworms to be fed on chickens. However, you can start giving each herd ½ cups of mealworms. As days go by, you may increase or decrease the amount as needed.



Raising mealworms don’t only benefit your feathered friend but also your income. You can sell overstock mealworms to someone who’s also raising chickens. The pests once giving you a headache are now your survival kit. The process of raising mealworms is so organic and so good in nature.

Anyways, mealworms aren’t the main feed for chickens but only a snack. Chickens loved the proteins they’re getting from these pests. The 4 methods of raising mealworms are too easy to follow. You can start cultivating mealworms in just a bit with too much saving on your pocket.

You can come back here and share with us your ways in growing mealworms. We’re excited to hear from you!

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