Pros And Cons Of Raising Chickens In Your Backyard

Are you one of those people who are thinking about raising your own chicken at your backyard? To be honest, that was a very good thought for you to consider given that chickens are a great source of food for you and to your family.

However, you should still consider a few more things to finalize your thoughts. So, to help you out deciding I am going to let you learn some of the advantages and even disadvantages that you can get when you choose to raise chickens at your own backyard.

Pros Of Raising Chickens In Your Backyard

The very first thing that you should learn is the good things about raising chickens in your own backyard. This is very important information that you should jot down and always remember. Benefits that you can get from chickens are worthy to be considered and can help you materialized your thoughts.

  • Food Source – base on my own experience, raising chickens at my own backyard gave me a quality food source. That is because chickens can provide good eggs and delicious meat that can be used to make delightful meals. Great deal right? You raise the chickens into your backyard, while the chickens will help you resolve your food supply. Not to mention about the nourishment that can be acquired from the eggs of chickens that has access to pastures.
  • Education – raising chickens at your backyard lets you and your family near to the way of producing your own source of food. You might want to say that you can do that by planting green vegetables right? Well, raising chickens is more interactive to people and it might increase the interest of young family members about biology particular to the life cycle of chickens. Children might also be able to learn how to be responsible in taking care of the chickens by feeding and watching over them.
  • Welfare To Animals – to be honest, it is important for you to know that raising chickens at your backyard is more beneficial for them compared from spending their whole day locked in a cage. Your backyard provides them enough space to do their usual daily routines that helps them keep relax and even healthier. Roaming around your backyard enables them to socialize with other chickens while staying on a cage makes them a lonely and solitary animal.

Cons Of Raising Chickens In Your Backyard

Of course, aside from the advantages that you can get from chickens, there are also some disadvantages that you should consider before you proceed with your plan of raising chickens in your backyard. Similar to the pros, these are also important information for you to jot down.

The cons of raising chickens in your backyard can be much related on how to effectively raise them under your supervision because raising chickens especially if you are a newbie is not a very easy job.

  • Cost – well, in order for you to be effective in raising chickens at your own backyard you should also be able to provide everything that they needed to survive and become beneficial to you. raising them will not start from acquiring and harvesting their eggs and meat for a food source. First, you should be ready to spend quite a lot of money to give them a good environment from the shelter, protection, and food. But you are not actually required to worry about this one as there are already a lot of alternatives for all the things they needed, all you need is a bit of creativity although you should still expect to spend money.
  • Smell – of course, chickens are not exempted on how to pet animals stink. Chickens actually produce a more stinky smell when they have tight space that was not proportional to their population. Most of the time the bad smell chicken’s chickens produce from their shelter and manure can even affect your relationship with other people in your neighborhood aside from the fact that it can affect your personal health.
  • Maintenance – if you wanted to get rid of the smell and waste that chickens produce, you should spare some of your time giving their shelter and the chickens some sort of maintenance. This so-called maintenance for chicken won’t go any further without giving some of your time and money. Well, if you are not patient enough it will be a very hard time for you to accomplish providing them the maintenance that they needed.
  • Predators – you should accept the fact that chickens are not clever enough to avoid predatory attacks from other animals like cats and dogs which are common household pets. That was quite justifiable because they can’t fly that much, and they are not powerful enough to escape attacks from other animals.


Raising chickens in your own backyard is quite a challenging and fun job at the same time, and that was truly proven especially to newbies who just started to raise chickens for the first time.

Learning about some of the pros and cons will make your self able to be aware of some essential things which are worth considering before you proceed with a decision to raise chickens.

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